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When setting up your email client software (Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird) use the following settings:

Username: Your email address (i.e. nobody@webadventures.com.au)
Password: Provided to you by Web Adventures
Incoming Mail Server: Your domain name (i.e webadventures.com.au)
Outgoing Mail Server: Your domain name (i.e webadventures.com.au)*
My Outgoing Mail Server Requires Authentication: Ticked
Outgoing Server Uses Same Credentials as Incoming Server

* Warning - Many Internet Service Providers are now blocking customers from sending email through email servers other than their own. Bigpond is definitely one of these companies. So, if you set your outgoing mail server to your domain name but get errors when trying to send emails, you will need to change the outgoing mail server to your ISPs mail server (and leave the incoming mail server as it is). For instance, Bigpond customers will need to change their outgoing mail server to 'mail.bigpond.com'.

To access the webmail facility provided to you by Web Adventures, go to your domain name and then add a forward slash webmail (i.e. http://webadventures.com.au/webmail).

For all other matters, please phone or email us from the contact page.

If instructed by Web Adventures, click this link for instant support.

Your question not answered?
Simply get in touch with us using the details on our contact page.